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The first 24 hours with baby: Far from what I had planned

After more than 24 hours of a very intense birth, the long-awaited moment finally happened: the most magnificent baby the Earth had ever carried was placed on me. At that moment, a cascade of emotions engulfed me. I glanced at my boyfriend, he was as moved as I was. The birth was not easy, with an ending that sent me straight to the operating room, but fortunately, luck smiled on us and the cesarean section was narrowly avoided. 🌟👶🏻💖

The gynecologist's last maneuvers completed, we are transferred to our room and it is at this moment that I notice the silence which invades the room. My partner, my little treasure and I are now alone in the room. I look at the new dad still in tears. A little dazed, I asked him: “What do we do now?” ".

Throughout my pregnancy, medical appointments kept coming, but strangely enough, no one prepared me for this precise moment when we find ourselves face to face with our future. Carrying my baby for nine months, loving him infinitely, and yet barely knowing him. How can you be sure to understand and meet your needs? 🤷‍♀️

The hours that followed were difficult. Despite my past experience with babies, I feel inexperienced, constantly calling on nurses for help. Fortunately, they reassure me each time by confirming that I was carrying out my new role as a mother perfectly. The time quickly arrived when we had to bring this little being home. My boyfriend was a little anxious and I, meanwhile, cried on my bed, overcome by doubt and fearing the absence of the nurses. 😢👨‍👩‍👧

Going down in a wheelchair to the car, I choose to sit behind it, with baby. When we arrive home, after my partner's multiple trips back and forth, we finally sit down at home and realize that we are now a family. 🏡👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Suddenly, I hear baby crying, a wave of emotions immediately invades me, something unexpected happened. I felt the maternal instinct take over, a little late you might say, but this time, I knew exactly what to do and this certainty never left me again. 🍼🩷🫶🏽

Navigating those tumultuous first hours with a newborn can be daunting, but remember, every parent feels this mix of emotions at one time or another. You are not alone. Learning happens gradually, and soon, you will develop your own parental intuition...and my advice is to follow it! 🌈👶🏻🤗

✍🏻 Text: Sandrine Campeau

🩷Mom of Louka and Romy

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  • Wow! Ton texte est très touchant! Je me suis reconnue sur quelques points! Ça l’explique bien la réalité d’être une nouvelle maman!

    Sabrina Rogers-Vézina
  • Wow Sandrine c’est un très beau texte 🥰

    Rosalie Lévesque
  • C’est vraiment très beau et inspirant pour les futurs mamans 😉


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