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LA bandoulière ergonomique 100% québécoise

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  • Black Mamaloop shoulder strap
    Black Mamaloop shoulder strap
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  • Caramel Mamaloop shoulder strap
    Caramel Mamaloop shoulder strap
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  • * LIMITED EDITION - Mamaloop old pink shoulder strap
    * LIMITED EDITION - Mamaloop old pink shoulder strap
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La maman qui a reçu cette courroie est très contente car ça l'aide vraiment! La coquille + le bébé = maux de dos assurés, c'est donc un produit pour soulager et assurer le transport confortable de bébé.


Un must! J'utilise ma Mamaloop depuis 8 mois et je l'adore. Facile à installer et à régler. Permet de mieux répartir le poids de la coquille et de se libérer les mains. Je recommande fortement!


I was looking for a sturdy strap that easily adjusts in length for various users. This fits the bill and is strong, sturdy, and comfortable. Worth every penny.


An accessory that helps to adopt a better posture

Able to support a weight of up to 40 pounds (including the weight of the baby and the carseat) , the Mamaloop shoulder strap allows baby and his carseat to be transported easily and safely . This innovative product corrects postural imbalance during the transport of the carseat by shifting the weight from the forearm to the shoulder . Mobile transport systems being rather heavy, the Mamaloop proves to be an essential accessory , which contributes to obtaining better posture, thus reducing fatigue and discomfort.

The ideal solution to reduce lower back pain and risk of injury

Considered the most common complication during pregnancy, low back pain persists in 10% of women after childbirth *. A third of them even claim to cope with severe pain that interferes with their daily activities *.

In total, back pain affects more than 75% of pregnant women **, which makes a solution like the Mamaloop shoulder strap most relevant .

In addition, although it is very useful during childbirth, relaxin (a pregnancy hormone making the whole body more flexible and therefore more vulnerable) remains present in the mother's body for six months. following childbirth or as long as it breastfeeds. It becomes all the more important to properly equip yourself for baby transportation in order to prevent injuries.


* Professional order of physiotherapy of Quebec

** CHUM Birth Center, 2013


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