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What Breastfeeding Taught Me: An Odyssey of Challenges and Discoveries

Breastfeeding, although often celebrated for its benefits for the infant, is an adventure strewn with challenges and revelations for mothers. For many of us, the first breastfeeding is a journey fraught with pitfalls, doubts and considerable effort. Yet it was in the midst of these difficulties that I discovered valuable lessons about myself and life in general.

Patience and Perseverance

The early days of breastfeeding can be a real test of patience, with challenges such as difficult latching and managing milk supply. In this ordeal, I realized the value of perseverance and patience. I wanted to breastfeed for its convenience (no bottle to prepare, heat or wash, etc.), for its economical aspect and above all to transmit my antibodies to my baby. My desire to give the best to my daughter was the driving force behind my perseverance. After two months of fierce struggle, I finally managed to breastfeed my daughter exclusively until she was nine months old.

Confidence and Determination

Each difficulty overcome strengthened my determination and my confidence. This motherly confidence and strength has stayed with me well beyond breastfeeding; they also guided me through all the challenges I encountered on the path to parenthood. Let me tell you that I was so proud of myself that it enlightened me to the tenacity required to achieve the goal set. When you absolutely want something, nothing can stop you. Don't give up, it will pay off in the end!

Appreciate present moment

It was during my second breastfeeding (which is still ongoing) that I learned to relax and appreciate the present moment. Breastfeeding has become a precious time where I can fully connect with my daughter, leaving aside everyday worries and concerns, and simply be there, in the moment.

Appreciate the calm

This experience makes me appreciate these moments of calm and connection, transforming them into a meditation; a mindfulness practice. Whether it's a few minutes of peaceful silence, taking the time to connect with myself or with my daughter, a precious source of comfort and well-being for both of us. I like even more the fact of being withdrawn (long live the breastfeeding rooms, these places are so peaceful) I can temporarily move away from the tumult outside and refocus on the essential: this precious bond between her and me .

Ultimately, breastfeeding is much more than just an act of nutrition. It's a life lesson, an odyssey of challenges and discoveries that allow us to grow, flourish and become the strong and confident mothers we are destined to be. So let's learn to celebrate every little victory, to appreciate every moment of calm and connection, and to embrace this magnificent adventure of breastfeeding with all our hearts.

"Being a strong mom doesn't mean you never feel weakness. It just means you find the strength to continue despite weaknesses." - Unknown

✍🏻 Text: Samora Soukaïna Célestin

🩷Mom of Azra and Dior

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