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Farewell to Maternity Leave: Welcome to “Parenting Bootcamp”

Ah, “ maternity leave” , that expression that seems straight out of an exotic vacation magazine, but let’s be honest, if it really was a vacation, we’d be asking for a refund for misrepresentation! It's time to change our language and recognize the intense work and profound transformation that comes with motherhood.

The myth of maternity leave

Almost all moms agree that the idea of ​​time off is a bit of a stretch. The term “leave” implies a break, a rest, or even a period of relaxation. Imagine: planning a vacation to a place where sleep is a myth, where the background noise is a chorus of melodious cries, and where the main activity is mastering the art of changing diapers or feeding your baby. 2-3 hours…

The first thing that should be removed from “ maternity leave” is the word “leave.” Leave from what? Definitely not work. In fact, it may be the only job where the job description is "24/7 with no days off or breaks." If it feels like a vacation, it's probably because you're dreaming, exhausted at three in the morning.

The “Parenting Bootcamp”

While some people probably imagine that moms on “maternity leave” spend their time sipping smoothies while watching reality TV shows… the reality is very different. They juggle feedings at odd hours, changing diapers faster than Lightning McQueen and convincing a baby to take a nap longer than the length of a TV commercial.

So let’s change the game, let’s call it “Parenting Bootcamp”. Because, let's be honest, it's intensive training , with little or no pay, where you learn to juggle responsibilities: survive on little sleep, all while keeping a smile on your face. And what to say? It is a period of adjustment, adaptation, learning, hormonal changes, in short, an emotional and physical journey.

Others will say it's an internship in crisis management, with negotiation, problem-solving and logistics skills that challenge the world's best female business leaders.

Change social perception

The next time someone talks to you about “maternity leave,” proudly pull out your Parenthood Bootcamper badge , because you know that actually parenting is way more hilarious than any idea of ​​a tropical vacation. By modifying this term, we can contribute to changing the perception of motherhood in society, that is to say: fully recognizing the value of this invisible, but essential, work.

The moms didn't go on vacation, they simply earned a degree in life management, with first class honors... And when they return to the job market, they're ready to take on the world, one diaper at a time!

“Every parent comes into the world at the same time as their first child.” —Ernst Kramer

✍🏻 Text: Samora Soukaïna Célestin

🩷Mom of Azra and Dior

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